The 28th District Court serves the community of Southgate, Michigan. This is your 24/7 information resource for the types of cases the court handles and court programs.



The 28th District Court will be open to the public for essential matters only beginning March 16, 2020. Visitors will be screened by court security to determine whether the visit is absolutely necessary based on the following criteria:

  • Essential parties for in-custody arraignments will be admitted.
  • Essential parties for scheduled matters will be admitted.
  • Individuals filing civil matters will be admitted.
  • All court staff will report to work.

The following individuals will not be given access to the building as they will be considered non-essential parties:

  • Any individual without regular business in the court.
  • Any individual accompanying an individual with a scheduled court date.
  • Children (unless the child is a party to a court case).
  • Individuals with general questions.
  • Individuals wishing to make a payment.

To accommodate this partial closure the court will keep phone lines open during normal business hours, encourage litigants to make payments using the Internet or by using the court's 24-hour payment dropbox, and offer adjournments to parties with cases that are not of a mandatory nature. The court will continue to issue default judgments on civil infractions and issue warrants for those that do not appear for essential scheduled court hearings. We ask individuals to please contact the court to confirm court hearings and adjournments. Consideration will be given if a litigant has an issue handling business with the court due to the partial closure.

This partial closure will remain in effect until further notice. Please check here for the latest updates.


28th District Court Administration